Videona is a startup based in Madrid which has developed two apps: Videona and ViMoJo.

With Videona, the general app, we are breaking the editing barrier, we allow our users to record, edit and share videos in real time from their mobile phone. In fact, Videona boosts the creativity of millennials empowering them with the right tools to become a professional videographer just with a smart-phone.

Whereas ViMoJo (Video – Mobile – Journalist) is an app designed especially for journalists. Journalists are losing the momentum and don’t find affordable, easy and fast solutions for using the mobile as a professional tool. This app goes from recording videos, to editing and sharing.

Our involvement with Welcome has been crucial: we were picked to do a 3-week-long programme, the Startup School, for early stage startups in San Francisco. The course was held at the Mind the Bridge foundation premises, one of Welcome’s partners. During those 3 weeks we were given the opportunity to pay visits to Google Campus, Autodesk, MobileIron and Standford University.

Some of the lessons covered topics such as scrum methodology, value proposition, lean startup, Venture Capital Process to mention a few. The Startup School ended with a Graduation Day, day in which we had the opportunity to pitch in front of investors and mentors.


Iago Fernández, Videona CEO reports: ‘It was great to glimpse what was happening in San Francisco and make our first contacts there. We learned a lot from that ecosystem. Also mingle with other european startups has broaded our minds, and find good friends’.

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