WELCOME consortium will design and deliver a video library of 200 hours with relevant content to inspire and encourage EU citizens, notably unemployed youth and women, to become WEs. WELCOME will create a significantly large library of relevant training and educational materials, freely distributed under a Creative Commons (CC) license. This library will primarily consist of video content produced by several WELCOME partners, based on questions submitted by WEs across the EU, and also consist of content produced by the activities carried out by WELCOME in each local ecosystem (e.g. video talks & workshops, interviews with invited speakers, etc.).

In addition, all videos produced by WELCOME will be hosted on the WELCOME YouTube Channel.

Concept Description:

Target Audience: All content produced will fundamentally target WEs. This group of individuals can range from young students to unemployed youth and even those interested in transitioning into a digital career.

Format: The videos filmed will be relatively short (510 minutes) and aim to answer a single, concrete question. The videos will be available to the public to be viewed as single units under Youtube channel.

Content Description:

The content produced directly focuses on necessary skills required by WEs, including the fields of finance, human resources and management, law, marketing, technology and more. Moreover, a special section of the curriculum will focus on inspiring young WEs through first-­hand stories about learning from failure, success stories and many other inspiring insights from experienced digital leaders and successful WEs.