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TETUAN is the first non-for-profit preaccelerator program for startups in Europe. The TETUAN Manifesto shows our commitment to our community and the entrepreneurs who are a part of it. It highlights the importance we place on the individual: “We believe. We believe that single individuals can change the course of history.”

TETUAN began with the aim of helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Madrid to grow and thrive. It was co-founded in 2009 by Alex Barrera, Luis Rivera, and Bernardo de Tomás. Since then, there have been 10 editions of the semi-annual TETUAN Startup School, one in Spring and one in Fall.

Value Proposition

The TETUAN startup school is the core activity. It is held twice a year, in two different cities, Madrid and Barcelona. This course is over a 6-week period where students are trained by mentors and also work on their project. Teams choose an idea, propose it to the TETUAN team, and work on developing their idea from the very first day. The goal is for each team to release a prototype by the end of the program.

Our community is growing rapidly within Spain as well as across the continent with pan-European collaborations such as Atalanta project. What differentiates TETUAN is the strong community comprised of alumni and mentors that provide an invaluable network of resources and support for the startups involved.

Network: We are constantly seeking for mentors (70 mentors) to give the best advices to our startups and students. Under the TETUAN umbrella, more than 40 startups were born.