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Tetuan Valley Startup School 15 Demo Day

Demo Day is an event where Tetuan Valley Startup School teams have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks on the product, company, and pitches, and this event is the grand finale in which each team presents their prototype.


This is the time for them to make public their promising projects, for investors to learn about some interesting teams and possible seed investments, and for entrepreneurs to network and get inspired be these guys awesome work.


Tetuan Valley Startup School- Session 6: Investment

Session 6  Investment


Roadshow 2016: what we learned in our second year!

With the activity Roadshow 2016, for the 2nd year, Welcome Project  gave to ten top early stage startups from across Europe the extraordinary opportunity to travel in four different startup ecosystems, to meet investors and corporates, to exchange their experiences with other startups, living precious experiences for helping their project to grow up in the international contest and… have a lot of fun!

The Roadshow activity had been designed to support the selected startups, to build a connection network with local investors, corporates, startups and media, to find prospective partners and clients and to raise funds.

The whole program foresaw 4 stops in the 4 ecosystems of Madrid-Salamanca, Milan, Berlin and Dublin, and it was reserved to 10 top startups coming from these ecosystems. The same program was carried on in 2015.

The first stop was in Milan, 11-13th May, where the guys had a special spot at Seeds & Chips to pitch and meet local investors, whereas the second trip was to Berlin, on June 9th-10th, where the teams attended the Startup Europe Summit 2016, met international accelerators, corporates and other startups, and participated to workshops  and panels.

After these two stops where startups enjoyed special moments and had the opportunity to acquire useful contacts, the summer was even more extraordinary for the ten teams, as they travelled  to San Francisco for a three-week immersive program (August 29th – September 16th) at the Mind The Bridge Startup School. For many of them it was the first time they faced the Silicon Valley and they were very excited to discover the stimulating ecosystem and contest that It offers to startups.

Finally, as back to Europe, the ten startups participated to other two stops and attended to two great European innovation events:  in Madrid on October 5th-7th for South Summit and in Dublin on 19th-21st in occasion of Startup Grind and Uprise Festival.

South Summit!
Meetings with Google at Uprise festival!
Meetings with Google at Uprise festival!

The Roadshow 2016 was defined by the guys as a great experience for networking and connecting with different people and ecosystems; particularly they appreciated the possibility to present their startups and to acquire feedbacks about their startups from Investors, corporates, media, and to find strong motivation for their future. Good luck guys!

What they said:


What did you like most about the Roadshow?


The Roadshow was a great experience for SwiftComply. It was great to visit with the other startup ecosystems and learn from the experiences of other businesses and share our own experiences.


The opportunity to meet different ecosystems, entrepreneurs and potential partners from different cities


Networking, meeting people related with startups. It was a unique experience for learning many useful things for doing business. Also the international part its great.


San Francisco, far ahead. The phrase is disneyland for startups.


What was most helpful part of the Roadshow to help your startup/idea?


Collecting feedbacks from different markets to improve the product, and meet potential partners to promote it abroad


Understanding other ecosystems outside Spain. It open your eyes to your possibilities


Meeting with so many startups from all over Europe gave us great insights into the available talent all across Europe. It has definitely opened up avenues for us to develop cross border collaborations and new market opportunities.


Reality feedback, experts of the startup ecosystem gave me a clear view of my projects.



Hackathon in Madrid!


This hackathon was a bit different to the other ones we organised: teams outside the program could also participate in the hackathon. Together with us, we also managed to have some top-notch mentors such as Jose Ignacio Fernandez, CTO at Traity (for product) and Marc Borrás, Product Designer at OnTruck.

The Tetuan Valley Hackathon was a whole weekend, 19th-20th November, of hard work and coding. The event was organized as a part of the Tetuan Valley Startup School, in the stage of Product Development. It was held at Google’s Campus Madrid, one of the most important spaces for entrepreneurs in Madrid.


The purpose of this weekend was for early stage startups who are working on a prototype or MVP to come build their prototype, add functionalities or improve features. The end goal was for all teams to have fully functional prototypes by the end of the weekend, and for those with already existing prototypes to add user validated functionalities. This hackathon was not a contest, it was a space for entrepreneurs to accomplish goals that they had set for themselves, to share and learn from others.

Over 50 people attended this hackathon including both participants and mentors. 12 teams worked with 11 mentors throughout the two days and they all presented their functional prototypes at the end of the Hackathon.

Hope you came and built something!




Tetuan Valley Startup School- Session 5: Legal & Finances

Session 5: Legal

  • Legal: Ignasi Costas
  • Finances

Tetuan Valley Startup School- Session 4: Product Development

Session 4 Product Development


Tetuan Valley Startup School- Session 3: Metrics

  • Startups business models – Katelyn MelanKatelyn used to work with Okuri Ventures and has been very involved with us at Tetuan Valley, were excited to hear have her speak on the the topics of business models and channels
  • Metrics – Justo HidalgoJusto is the Founder and CEO of 24symbols, a company that is providing a more succinct way to read books using networks of technology, and he will be sharing his expertise regarding Metrics.

Tetuan Valley- Session 1: Effective presentations

  • Entrepreneurs common mistakes / The way of the startup – Carmen Bermejo 

    Carmen was the former president of Tetuan Valley and is an amazing lady who has had extensive work with startups and startup communities.

  • Effective presentations – Alex BarreraAlex is one of the amazing cofounders here at Tetuan Valley. He is also the Cheif WOWness officer at Press42.

Welcome is excited to announce the 15th edition of the Tetuan Valley Startup School in Madrid.



The Startup School workshops were created in order to help people to get started with their ideas. It is a good starting point if you want to develop a product and you do not know how. More information about the Tetuan Valley’s Startup School here.


Sessions will be having place on Wednesdays, starting at 19:00 and ending at 23:30. The program will consist of two parts: Mentors talk in first place and then there is Pizzas and Pitch Practice.



Applications to register into the program ended on October 10th and the program began on October 26th. The Startup School program will continue till its last session on November 30th.


This year there is no need of being accepted into the program to attend the talks – they are open to everyone for free.


These are the talks that the mentors will be giving each week:

Session 1 (October 26th) Effective Presentations

Session 2 (November 2nd) Value Proposition Tickets Here

  • Value proposition
  • Customer validation
  • Problem and solution interviews

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 3 (November 7th) Metrics Tickets Here 

Session 4 (November 16th) Product Development Tickets Here 


Hackathon (November 19th – 20th)


Session 5 (November 23rd) Legal Tickets Here 

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 6 (November 30th) Investment Tickets Here