‘Emprende Salamanca’- 9 great startup sessions run by our partner BISITE!

Throughout October, November and December, BISITE accelerator, one of WELCOME project’s partners held a series of events “Emprende de Salamanca” for startups in Salamanca.

This was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and young startups in Salamanca to listen to other successful startups, meet new people and exchange ideas. The sessions were “for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs”, as all speakers were experienced in the startup world and had lots of real life advice to offer!

The sessions covered every aspect of entrepreneurial life, from pitching to looking for mentors:

13 Oct – Ideas Analysis
Speaker: Jesús Lozano (Silicon Seeds)



Jesus Lozano, Silicon Seeds Advisor, gave his professional experience as founder and as an investor over 10 years in startups and web companies.

He gave a tough account on what you need to sacrifice in order to succeed in the startup world, insisting that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and especially not for the unprepared.

20 Oct- Product development and design
Speaker: Rubén Sanchez (BeOnPrice)


Rubén is from BeOnPrice, a successful startup that has won among other things, a Startup Europe Award. He gave his experience on how to find opportunities in economic crises and the value of having a very clear objective. He shared his experience of building a business, focusing on forming a team and designing a successful product.

26 Oct- Entrepreneurship Hubs
Adrián Ferrero (BIOME Makers)


Adrián Ferrero (Co-Founder at BIOME Makers) shared his entrepreneurship experience, building 4 startups with a mix of successes and failures. He spoke about how accelerators can help, critical decision making, sharing your idea, team, finding market fit, staying positive and defending your market share.

27 Oct– Sales and Digital Marketing
Speaker: Javier Arias (Diconsul)

session-3Javier Arias (Partner at Diconsul) focused on the differences between sales and digital marketing. On sales strategies he gave most of the focus to the human/emotional factor. On digital marketing, he went into some detail on the most popular channels and what audience they’re suited for.

03 Nov- Strategy – beyond Product/Service
Speaker: Felix Velasco (Wembley Studios)


Felix is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Wembley Studios. He explained that while obtaining revenue and investment is important, topics such as payment times, team dynamics, relations with suppliers and clients are more essential to sustainability.

10 Nov- Online advertising and Digital Intelligence
Speaker: Pablo Rodriguéz & Javier Parra (Súmate)


Pablo Rodríguez and Javier Parra from Súmate Marketing Online spoke about the most important factors to have online impact with potential clients: optimizing webpages as well as unique content. Javier spoke about the volume and value of data that we generate today, and how to exploit this opportunity.

11 Nov- Searching for Mentors and Marketing team
Speaker: René de Jong (Angel Investor)


René de Jong, investor, spoke about what to expect from a mentor, and importantly, how to find one. Then the entrepreneurship culture of Salamanca was discussed and what must be done to foster it.

17 Nov- Following a startup through its first months
Speaker: Javier Ayuso (CUBE Ventures)


Javier Ayuso of CUBE Ventures gave a session on an important part of entrepreneurship: finances and team management. Participants were given a lot of information on the first months of a startup and even some homework to help them put this into practice!

24 Nov- How to get investment
Speaker: Emilio Galán (BeOnPrice)


Emilio Galán, CTO of BeOnPrice, took the stage in the 2nd edition on the process of obtaining funding and valuing your startup.

25 Nov- Mentoring networking
Speaker: 8 mentors


A mentoring session was organised to facilitate networking between available mentors and prospective startups. 8 mentors joined 11 startups and networked to find the right match:

  • Javier Parra – Súmate
  • Pablo Rodríguez – Súmate
  • Cesar Lopez -SECOT
  • David Gomez – Rookiebox
  • Saúl Hernández – Grupo IDIMAD
  • Richard Dighero – Brite Shoes
  • Antonio Miguel – SECOT Salamanca
  • Soraya García – SG CURSOS

01 Dec– Pitching – Salamanca Investors Club
Speaker: Startups in Salamanca

7 top new startups in Salamanca pitched their business idea in 3 minutes, with another 2 minutes for questions:

  • Kiss your frog
  • Epitafio
  • TourSnapp
  • deMibu
  • Proyecto de singles
  • Bimarea.es


The winner of the pitching was TourSnapp! This means that they get to pitch at Startup Olé and gain even more visibility for their young business.

That’s it folks!

Thank you to everyone who took part and if you’d like to check out more on the events, you can see more info on the Bisite Facebook page.



Startup Europe comes to Slush

Slush is Europe’s leading startup event with over 15,000 attendees. Slush has grown from a 300-person assembly to a world-renowned event, now spreading globally. The philosophy behind Slush has remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.

Slush takes places on Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2016 in Helsinki (Finland).

Speakers include:

  • Dave McClure – Founder Partner at 500 Startups
  • Steve Jurvetson – Partner at DFJ
  • Danae Ringelmann – Co-founder of Indiegogo
  • NiklasZennstrom – Co-founder of Skype &Atomico
  • Nicolas Cary – Co-founder of Blockchain

Investors at Slush include:

  • 500 startups
  • KPCB
  • Accel Partners
  • Sapphire Ventures
  • Greenoaks Capital
  • Mosaic Ventures
  • …and many more


As part of Welcome’s Europass Programme, the best early stage IoT startups from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca will be travelling to SLUSH for 3 nights courtesy of the Welcome project and Startup Europe with 2 day tickets to the conference.


Slush is all about startups – we help the next generation of world conquering founders forward. Europe’s leading startup and technology event, and expanding in Asia, brings together founders and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives, and media.

Held during the darkest time of the year in Helsinki, Finland, Slush has always been characterized by a unique energy and enthusiasm. At the very core of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a world-wide startup community.

Slush is a student-driven non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship. In 2015, Slush was organized in Tokyo and Beijing for the first time. In 2016, Slush is spreading to Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore.


Startup Wake, Dublin

In Irish culture, a wake is an event held the night before a funeral to celebrate the life of the person who has died. It is often a joyful occasion filled with storytelling about the deceased person’s life. This event was a wake held for “deceased” or failed startups.

An evening with Ireland’s most innovative startups and top investors, all whom have experienced failure.

Hear from some of the most successful Irish startups and VCs on their past failures and learnings, as we gather together in memory of their past dead startups – to hear their stories, learn the lessons and raise the parting glass.


UPRISE Festival investor-startup meetings organized by Mind the Bridge!

The fourth edition of UPRISE festival was held in Dublin on October 20th. UPRISE festival aims to put people first- and they mean it. In fact, there is no public wifi at the event to encourage people to network in person. For this reason, Welcome, their partners Mind the Bridge and Ryan Academy held a series of startup-investor meetings within the festival schedule to try to connect investors, startups and others involved in the startup scene.

UPRISE is the largest startup festival in Europe. It is a one day festival focused on growth and visibility for Startup Talent. UPRISE Festival Europe started in Amsterdam in 2015.

More than twenty meetings were organized overall, which is a great success. They gathered Investors and Corporates like Intel, PCH, Growing Capital, Lucey Fund –among others– with nearly ten startups involved. There were also very special meetings organized with Google, in which startups had to chance to talk about their ideas with Google professionals.

In addition to these meetings, some of the startups had the opportunity to showcase their products at the Startup Booth. Investors were brought directly to the stand to meet the startups and find out more about their products.

This year’s meetings were possible thanks to Ryan Academy and Google, special thanks for their collaboration.

img_20161020_120245img_20161020_134018 img_20161020_104922


Welcome is excited to announce the 15th edition of the Tetuan Valley Startup School in Madrid.



The Startup School workshops were created in order to help people to get started with their ideas. It is a good starting point if you want to develop a product and you do not know how. More information about the Tetuan Valley’s Startup School here.


Sessions will be having place on Wednesdays, starting at 19:00 and ending at 23:30. The program will consist of two parts: Mentors talk in first place and then there is Pizzas and Pitch Practice.



Applications to register into the program ended on October 10th and the program began on October 26th. The Startup School program will continue till its last session on November 30th.


This year there is no need of being accepted into the program to attend the talks – they are open to everyone for free.


These are the talks that the mentors will be giving each week:

Session 1 (October 26th) Effective Presentations

Session 2 (November 2nd) Value Proposition Tickets Here

  • Value proposition
  • Customer validation
  • Problem and solution interviews

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 3 (November 7th) Metrics Tickets Here 

Session 4 (November 16th) Product Development Tickets Here 


Hackathon (November 19th – 20th)


Session 5 (November 23rd) Legal Tickets Here 

Mentors to be confirmed

Session 6 (November 30th) Investment Tickets Here 



Matchmaking @Uprise Festival, Dublin

Nine top early stage startups taking part in the Startup Europe and Welcome EU Roadshow will travel to Dublin to attend Uprise Festival on Thursday 20th October. 

To read more about this, visit our blog:
Startup Europe and Welcome Roadshow Companies to attend Uprise Festival, Dublin


UPRISE is the largest startup festival in Europe. We focus on growth and visibility for Startup Talent. Connect with universities, companies and the public in our one day festival. In over 1 year we have brought 15,000 visitors to talk, connect and invest in young vibrant companies from our base in Amsterdam. Now in October 2016 we base from Dublin bringing Europe to this great city.


Startup Europe and Welcome Roadshow Companies to attend Uprise Festival, Dublin

Startup Europe and Welcome Roadshow Companies to attend Uprise Festival, Dublin

Nine top early stage startups taking part in the Startup Europe and Welcome EU Roadshow will travel to Dublin this week to attend Uprise Festival on Thursday 20th October.

These companies will travel to Dublin for 2 days to meet with investors, corporates, potential partners and experience all that Dublin’s unique startup ecosystem has to offer.

These startups are part of Welcome’s  EU Roadshow, where selected startups attend various events across Europe and spend 3 weeks in Silicon Valley.

The Roadshow startups attending Uprise are finishing their programme in Dublin after visiting to Silicon Valley, Berlin & Milan earlier in the year and South Summit in Madrid earlier this month.



The startups are:

  • Aria Wearables (Milan) an active thermal shoe sole that heats and cools down the feet
  • GirlCrew (Dublin) a global community for women
  • Link.Fish (Berlin) a bookmark manager that allows people to work with the information behind URLs
  • Replex (Berlin) a service for IT teams that enables them collecting critical information on all infrastructure assets both physical and virtual
  • Replit (Madrid) a social discussion platform based on short videos
  • Solo (Milan) a virtual POS that lets merchants accept credit and debit card payments
  • SwiftComply (Dublin)a platform solution for Fat, Oil and Grease compliance in the food service industry
  • TourSnapp (Berlin)a service that applies the concept of Smart cities to cultural tourism
  • Up to Seven(Madrid) a social network that enables foodies to share recipes and suggestions

These 9 startups will begin their trip at Startup Grind, a popular fixture in the Dublin startup calendar taking place in Dublin’s historic City Hall the evening before Uprise Festival. Startup Grind is run by Google for Entrepreneurs and the main speaker for this edition is Sean Blanchfield, founder of the very successful startup Pagefair.

The journey continues next morning at Uprise which takes place in the RDS in Dublin, the same venue as Web Summit. Startups will attend workshops about various aspects of their businesses and network with local and international startups, corporates and investors.

Aria Wearables has been selected as one of only 12 startups pitching at Uprise for the chance to win prizes sponsored by f6s and SendGrid and the title of “Conqueror of the Pitch Battle”.

Local partners DCU Ryan Academy have organised a networking event after the Uprise Festival to finish the EU Roadshow startups’ trip to Dublin.



WELCOME is a project under the Startup Europe initiative that aims to build a pan-European tech startup ecosystem. To that end, Welcome links startups from five vibrant EU ecosystems — Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca, to customers, VCs, business angels, corporates, mentors and other startups. The project targets aspiring entrepreneurs as well as early and late stage startups with activities enabling them to grow across borders and access the right combination of finance while helping corporates identify the best talents.


This competition is part of Welcome’s Europass Programme


South Summit – Very busy days indeed!

South Summit ended on Friday 7th October, but it’s almost as if we were still there! We’ll need a few more days to really soak in all we’ve learnt and experienced during those, very intense, 3 days. 12.000+ attendees from over 100 countries were present at the event, and I’m positive our startups met quite a few of them!

Both our Roadshow and Europass startups had meetings scheduled during those very intense 3 days, but let me start from the day they landed in Madrid on Tuesday 4th of October.


On that same evening, Tetuan Valley, one of our partners, organized a dinner for the selected startups, and, as we all know, food, especially if served with a glass of cold beer –over 35 °C that week in Madrid, just saying!– makes socializing easier than usual.

Day 1:

The following day, October 5th, South Summit officially started. Startups from both the Europass and the Roadshow programme spent the whole day attending talks, workshops and, of course, networking!
The Roadshow teams got to meet the representatives of two international VCs: Nauta Capital and Balderton Capital; and the head of the startup program of Orange France. Over four hours were spent talking to investors and corporates at this meet up that WELCOME organized for them.

Just after lunch, all the Europass startups checked in at our meeting point: the Startup Europe Booth. It was great to feel such enthusiasm, and to hear many stories of just a few hours at the event! This time was also used for networking between the teams and sharing success stories, tips and tricks on how to master the conference. As you can imagine, we could not miss the opportunity to take a group photo before getting lost in the event again.


Day 2:

On Thursday the founders attended a PR workshop on how to prepare your startup for a PR campaign and how to make the best out of it. The workshop was facilitated by Olivia Czetwertynski, PR Consultant and founder of Becomewide. According to startups, this was one of the star events of the programme. In addition, throughout the three days Olivia held 1-to-1 sessions with the Roadshow startups on how to tackle specific PR issues for their startups.

The rest of the day was left for networking at South Summit, which proved to be a great event to make contacts, meet other entrepreneurs and learn lots from others.

To be more precise, startups were involved in over 60 meetings with investors, corporate and potential partners! We’re already following up with them to see if something decisive has been discussed during the event. Bear with us and you’ll find out!


What they said:

“South Summit helped us to expand our vision. Nice event, nice people, good opportunity. We enjoyed Summit” Lorenzo Ricciardi, Karmahouse

“It was a great well done organised event” Caio Bulgarelli, Sprintfire

 “South Summit has been interesting, mainly related to some insights and lessons learned through the Fintech space and the Dave McClure keynote…Lucia, Silvia and all the team members were really amazing and supportive. We do really appreciate their work and their kind help” Daniele Galifa, Goalshouter




Take a look at our pre-event blog post to check out our Roadshow and Europass startups.