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Roadshow 2016: what we learned in our second year!

With the activity Roadshow 2016, for the 2nd year, Welcome Project  gave to ten top early stage startups from across Europe the extraordinary opportunity to travel in four different startup ecosystems, to meet investors and corporates, to exchange their experiences with other startups, living precious experiences for helping their project to grow up in the international contest and… have a lot of fun!

The Roadshow activity had been designed to support the selected startups, to build a connection network with local investors, corporates, startups and media, to find prospective partners and clients and to raise funds.

The whole program foresaw 4 stops in the 4 ecosystems of Madrid-Salamanca, Milan, Berlin and Dublin, and it was reserved to 10 top startups coming from these ecosystems. The same program was carried on in 2015.

The first stop was in Milan, 11-13th May, where the guys had a special spot at Seeds & Chips to pitch and meet local investors, whereas the second trip was to Berlin, on June 9th-10th, where the teams attended the Startup Europe Summit 2016, met international accelerators, corporates and other startups, and participated to workshops  and panels.

After these two stops where startups enjoyed special moments and had the opportunity to acquire useful contacts, the summer was even more extraordinary for the ten teams, as they travelled  to San Francisco for a three-week immersive program (August 29th – September 16th) at the Mind The Bridge Startup School. For many of them it was the first time they faced the Silicon Valley and they were very excited to discover the stimulating ecosystem and contest that It offers to startups.

Finally, as back to Europe, the ten startups participated to other two stops and attended to two great European innovation events:  in Madrid on October 5th-7th for South Summit and in Dublin on 19th-21st in occasion of Startup Grind and Uprise Festival.

South Summit!
Meetings with Google at Uprise festival!
Meetings with Google at Uprise festival!

The Roadshow 2016 was defined by the guys as a great experience for networking and connecting with different people and ecosystems; particularly they appreciated the possibility to present their startups and to acquire feedbacks about their startups from Investors, corporates, media, and to find strong motivation for their future. Good luck guys!

What they said:


What did you like most about the Roadshow?


The Roadshow was a great experience for SwiftComply. It was great to visit with the other startup ecosystems and learn from the experiences of other businesses and share our own experiences.


The opportunity to meet different ecosystems, entrepreneurs and potential partners from different cities


Networking, meeting people related with startups. It was a unique experience for learning many useful things for doing business. Also the international part its great.


San Francisco, far ahead. The phrase is disneyland for startups.


What was most helpful part of the Roadshow to help your startup/idea?


Collecting feedbacks from different markets to improve the product, and meet potential partners to promote it abroad


Understanding other ecosystems outside Spain. It open your eyes to your possibilities


Meeting with so many startups from all over Europe gave us great insights into the available talent all across Europe. It has definitely opened up avenues for us to develop cross border collaborations and new market opportunities.


Reality feedback, experts of the startup ecosystem gave me a clear view of my projects.



EMPRENDE EN SALAMANCA: Mentoring session

Join our partners BISITE Accelerator for one of their free sessions for startups in Salamanca.

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Accelerator Assembly Conference 2015



Accelerator Assembly Salamanca Conference

The main event of the network will be the Accelerator Assembly Conference, in September 2015, in Salamanca.  This event aims to bring together the members of the Accelerator Assembly network to share best practices, understand global accelerator trends and reflect on future models for supporting entrepreneurs.

 The Salamanca AA Conference will be organised in three tracks developed to make the most out of the event:

1.Talks about AA and funding opportunities – added value.

2. Hot Topics.

3. Pitching slots for accelerators and related initiatives.

1.Talks about AA and funding opportunities – added value.
This track is aimed at presenting the many funding opportunities that this accelerator network can provide in order to support and foster startups/accelerator ecosystems in Europe.

It will also present the added value of Accelerator Assembly, as a network gathering the most important accelerators in Europe brought together with the common goal of turning Europe into the biggest entrepreneur/startup ecosystem in the world.

2. Hot Topics:
We have launched an open call to all attendees so that they can propose topics for discussion. The most interesting topics for entrepreneurships and accelerators will be addressed with the aim of supporting all attendees in achieving their goals in the entrepreneur world.

Accelerators can actively participate in the Conference by hosting a talk or panel session on a hot topic of their choice. If you are interested in doing a pitch, please fill the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/Sv8jO8O7Wh

3. Pitching slots for accelerators and related initiatives:
All accelerators willing to do so will have slots to pitch and present their services and projects, therefore gaining a huge exposure and increasing their funding opportunities.

If you are interested in pitching, please, fill the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/JkkdgfrHIA.


Startup Ole Fair


Startup Ole Roadshow (late)



Interacting with tech giants