Behind every success story there are obstacles,
challenges, and countless setbacks


Helppier participated in: Startup Ole, South Summit

Helppier is an online software service that allows you to create helps and tutorials for your site or web application, without leaving it, in a short time using a clean and easy user interface.


Artomatix participated in: Roadshow + MTB Startup School in Silicon Valley

Artomatix helps you get your game built faster.
Artomatix helps artists vastly speed up their workflow by automating the “low-level” creative tasks and frees them up to do their real art work.


Standard Access participated in: Europass (Web Summit’15, Startup Ole’15)

Standard Access has developed a hardware, software and lock combination that facilitates secure building access using a smartphone or tablet, integrated with a client management platform.


Wayook participated in: SES, Startup Ole

Launched in 2014 in Salamanca, Wayook startup is active in 40 cities in Spain, and has held its own against better-funded competitors, including Helpling, backed by Rocket Internet.


Miito participated in: Europass (Web Summit’15, Codemotion’15), Cross Border Mentorship

Miito, a tea kettle alternative that heats liquid to precise temperature, redefines the world of warm drinks.


Urbi participated in: European Innovation Day in SV

Are you a car sharing user? Did you subscribe to more than one service?
Find and Book your nearest sharing vehicle. Have a nice trip with URBI.


Artelnics participated in: Europass (Tech Open Air’16 & Pioneers’16)

Artelnics is a company based in Salamanca that makes innovative software for intelligent data analysis.


BEONPRICE participated in: Silicon Valley Startup School’15 and Startup Ole’16

BEONPRICE is a Big Data technology company which helps hotels maximize profitability recommending optimal rates by room type.


Kopjra participated in the Roadshow, where they travelled to Silicon Valley,  Milan, Dublin and Berlin. 

They also participated in the Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley program and took courses at Mind the Bridge.


LUUV is a Berlin-based hardware startup that won the pitching competition at SES’16 and participated in Europass Pioneers

They are responsible for creating award-winning stabilizers, for different market sectors. Beginning with the creation of solidLUUV, a professional steadycam, simplified.


Dublin Design Studio

Europass (Codemotion’15, People in Beta’15)

It is a team of designers and hardware specialists who are committed to developing products that enhance the user experience of mobile devices through a focus on humancentric design.


Videona | Video edition on Mobile

Startup School (Mind the Bridge 2015),

Videona allows their users to record, edit and share videos in real time from their mobile phone. In fact, Videona boosts the creativity of millennials empowering them with the right tools to become a professional videographer just with a smart-phone.


Reflex Gaming participated in Codemotion’15, and South Summit 2016

Reflex is a platform that enables gamers to compete against their friends and other gamers across the world for prizes and in-game items.