Startup Europe Universities Network (SEUN) is an initiative supported by the European Commission which aims to create a European community of universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurship perspective by establishing an active and collaborative forum for exchanging information and operationalize above mentioned support measures.

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The SEUN is dedicated to:

  • increasing awareness about tech entrepreneurship
  • better understanding of global tech entrepreneurship trends
  • sharing new policy ideas and regulatory changes
  • sharing best practices among different
  • exploring synergies and collaboration opportunities

The forum will also serve to connect the group members with the tech entrepreneurship community (startups, investors, media, corporates) and thus serve as a helping hand in shaping up the activities of the members in terms of supporting startups in what they need, how they should be supported in order to scale up/internationalize, what is successful in practice and help ensure so that the right talent is available.

Current members are universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurship perspective from all over Europe:

SEUN members:


Focus topics that SEUN is addressing:


  1. Innovation Factory

Topic leader: University of Cambridge

A network made up of Universities and business/scientific parks able to develop startups at the request of corporates and companies.

Such startups are tailor-made for each company and are developed to meet the company’s specific needs and requests.


  1. Access to talent and skilled professionals

Topic leaders: University of Salamanca & UTAD

Companies contacting Startup Europe University Network have direct access to its members’ vast body of talented and highly skilled young professionals.


  1. Access to infrastructure

Topic leader: NOVA University of Lisbon

Startups have access, at the most competitive prices, to locations like business/scientific parks, offices and co-working spaces located in the premises of the other network members.


  1. Networking

Topic leader: Dublin City University

Startup Europe University Network facilitates startups access to its vast system of contacts, thus increasing their exposure and their chance to reach key players such as corporates and investors.


  1. Access to funding and generation of consortiums

Topic leader: UTAD

Startups developed within the Startup Europe University Network gain access to important funding sources at local, cross-border and European level.

This activity also fosters the generation of consortiums.

Check out the website to keep updated with all the initiatives!

SEUN members

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Startup Europe University Network - meeting in Startup Ole, Salamanca, September 2015