South Summit 2016 – Roadshow & Europass come to Madrid!

One of this year’s greatest startup events is just happening!

If you’re at all interested in startups, entrepreneurship and everything innovation related, you must have heard of South Summit. It’s a leading startup conference aimed at showcasing the talent and opportunities Southern Europe and Latin America have to offer. South Summit, which takes place October 5th – 7th 2016, is based in Madrid, and has grown quickly from its beginnings in 2012.

This year, Startup Europe will be there with 17 high potential disruptive startups selected from the 5 ecosystems of the Welcome Project (Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca).

These startups are part of two Welcome’s major activities: ‘EU Roadshow’, where selected startups attend various events across Europe and spend 3 weeks in Silicon Valley, and Europass, where startups are selected by open competition at attend each event.

Europass selected startups from Dublin, Milan & Berlin:

  • From Dublin three startups are Cambrist,offering a cloud processing solution, which enables banks and payments processors to easily control and optimize FX rates applied to international card payments,, an AI powered end-to-end candidate analysis engine generating key recruitment intelligence: candidate assessment, salaries recommendations, job-candidate matching and various other latent metricsand REFLEX Gaming, building a platform that allows users to link their favourite online video games and compete against each other for prizes and in-game items.
  • Travelling from Milan are Goalshouter,a mobile crowd-sourcing platform for non-professional soccer teams, BabyinWonderland, an interactive map of family-friendly places and services based on users’ experiencesand SwishUp, a personal online shopper giving users real-time advice from the dressing room of the clothing store.
  • From Berlin are Timerift Tours, disrupting the tour guide industry & changing how we experience history.

The Roadshow startups attending South Summit are going for their Madrid stop after going to Silicon Valley, Berlin & Milan!

  • Aria Wearables (Milan) an active thermal shoe sole that heats and cools down the feet
  • Cloudroom (Madrid) a cloud based learning platform that brings MOOC into the corporate world
  • GirlCrew (Dublin) a global community for women
  • Link.Fish (Berlin) a bookmark manager that allows people to work with the information behind URLs
  • Replex (Berlin) a service for IT teams that enables them collecting critical information on all infrastructure assets both physical and virtual
  • Replit (Madrid) a social discussion platform based on short videos
  • Solo (Milan) a virtual POS that lets merchants accept credit and debit card payments
  • SwiftComply (Dublin)a platform solution for Fat, Oil and Grease compliance in the food service industry
  • TourSnapp (Berlin)a service that applies the concept of Smart cities to cultural tourism
  • Up to Seven(Madrid) a social network that enables foodies to share recipes and suggestions

For all the startups it is supporting, Welcome has carefully prepared an agenda full of interesting activities. These include visiting the Madrid Google campus, meeting with investors, gaining an inside knowledge of the Madrid ecosystem, and, of course, lots and lots of networking time!

Last but not least, Startup Europe and the Welcome Project will have a stand at the event. So do come over and meet us and our startups! We’ll be happy to tell you more about this European initiative and how to get involved.


If you want to learn more about our project and other European initiatives, and can’t attend South Summit, you can visit and leave us a message.



WELCOME is a project under the Startup Europe initiative that aims to build a pan-European tech startup ecosystem. To that end, Welcome links startups from five vibrant EU ecosystems — Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca, to customers, VCs, business angels, corporates, mentors and other startups. The project targets aspiring entrepreneurs as well as early and late stage startups with activities enabling them to grow across borders and access the right combination of finance while helping corporates identify the best talents.


About Startup Europe

Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU.



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