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SociosInversores.com is a Global Network linking web entrepreneurs who need capital and investors who wish to participate in business projects.

SociosInversores.com was founded in 2010, becoming the first purely equity-based crowdfunding company in the world.

SociosInversores.com is an innovative platform for connecting talent and capital: We provide financial resources to entrepreneurs in a time of financial scarcity and, simultaneously, provide reliable investment opportunities to investors seeking to finance business projects.

SociosInversores.com headquarter is based in Spain, where it operates as well as in 18 Latin American countries with regional offices in Chile, Colombia and Peru. S&I already has plans to expand the business to other European countries, the Middle East and North America. Our Vision is to become the largest Interrelated Network between entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

Value Proposition

SociosInversores.com has received awards for Best Financial Website of the Year for 2013, and as Best Internet-based Company for 2012 by the Spanish Association of Internet Users and the Spanish Senate, respectively. In Spain alone, SociosInversores.com has raised more than 6 million Euros in finance, has managed to fully finance 60 business projects and has helped to create more than 190 new jobs.

Currently,SociosInversores.com has 800 active projects, receives over 400 project proposals from entrepreneurs per month and has more than 2,700 investors. Our mission is essentially to help to create new businesses and jobs in those markets in which we operate. We provide a Tech Platform and solid procedures that ensure transparency and help to secure Peer-to-Peer financing. The procedure is simple, both for the entrepreneur and the investor.