Dublin Design Studio is a team of designers and hardware specialists who are committed to developing products that enhance the user experience of mobile devices through a focus on humancentric design.

Our first product is Scriba, a new digital stylus targeted at designers and creatives. Featuring a patented “squeezemotion” technology, Scriba enables users to vary lineweight, access in app shortcuts and switch functions, all with a simplesqueeze.

We attended two conferences which were supported by the Welcome project and Startup Europe. The first was Betahaus in Berlin where we attended the conference and met anumber of startups who we have followed up with and may be able to work with in the future. The second conference was Codemotion in Milan, where we also met with a number of other startups and investors. We have subsequently been in contact with one investor and as a result are discussing a possible joint project with a Milanese university.

Europass (Codemotion’15, People in Beta’15)


David Craig – Founder & CEO, reports “The Welcome programme has enabled us to develop lasting relationships both locally and internationally and we are delighted to be able to continue our connection with the programme.”

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