WELCOME is working hard to break down the barriers between 5 different major EU startups ecosystems (Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca). Teaming up with local partners present in these ecosystems to identify and engage the most relevant players of the tech entrepreneurial world (e.g. investors, mentors, media, corporates, successful entrepreneurs, etc.) and connect them with prospective, emerging and successful tech startups. In addition WELCOME also aims to bridge the divide between the tech entrepreneurial world and policy makers.

WELCOME is realising its objectives through the execution of a large set of activities aimed at the different stages of the startup lifecycle. The project was inspired by the change in mentality suggested by the Startup Manifesto.

The final goal is to create a Pan-European startup ecosystem in which every entrepreneur in each of the local ecosystems feels at home and interconnected.

Furthermore, WELCOME is connecting Europe with Silicon Valley and thus offering more opportunities for tech startups to truly go global.


WELCOME will also run:

  • Accelerator Assembly, an innovative network to support and promote web-friendly accelerators in Europe, delivering an industry-led forum with maximum pan-European reach and impact.
  • Unicorns Forum, to gather a European community of “Billion-Euro” startups (SE Unicorn Forum) and bring them together to share best practices, understand global web entrepreneurship trends and reflect on future models for supporting entrepreneurs.
  • Startup Europe University Network, a European community of universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Startup Europe Nations High Level Group, a forum for Member-States to discuss and share best practices for supporting tech entrepreneurship across Europe.
  • Business and Angels, Pan-European network of Crowdfunding Platforms.
  • Startup Europe Summit, the pop-up conference for European startups in Berlin.
  • Startup Ole, the biggest entrepreneurial event connecting Salamanca, Spain, to the rest of Europe.



Prospective web and mobile entrepreneurs to be reached.


Early stage startups supported through Welcome activities to launch their operations


Late stage startups scaled up through Welcome activities


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FACTORY is a unique concept that combines the potential of digital innovation with the advantages of real estate. FACTORY is building homes for tech communities around the world.

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BISA runs several education and acceleration programs which focus on developing the Salamanca (Madrid area) startup ecosystem.

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Founded in 2009 BETA is one of the Europe’s biggest co-working spaces. It has spaces in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Sofia, Copenhagen and Barcelona.

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CODE is one of the biggest technical conferences in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 300 speakers from all over the world.

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DPIXEL is one of the most relevant Italian venture capital firms specialized in acceleration, seed/early stage funding and innovation consulting.

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MTB is a private foundation based in Italy with a sister organization in Silicon Valley. It runs several educational and acceleration programmes, both in Italy and United States.

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RYAN Propeller Accelerator, set up by the family of Ryanair founder, is Ireland’s leading centre for tech entrepreneurship.

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TETUAN is the first non-for-profit preaccelerator program for startups in Europe committed to the community and highlighting the importance of individuals, as stated in the TETUAN Manifesto: “We believe. We believe that single individuals can change the course of history.”

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ETVENTURE is a digital business builder and investor that partners with investors and corporations to transform innovation strategies into new digital products and startups.

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S&I is the first purely equity-based crowdfunding company in the world. It is a global network linking tech entrepreneurs who need capital and investors who wish to participate in entrepreneurial ventures.

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STARTEED is a white-label crowdfunding platform provider for brokers/dealers and other organizations to effectively link private companies and prospective investors with a help of a platform.

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Hugin&Munin (ES)

HNM is a branding and communications agency focusing on preparation, creation, diffusion and publication of advertising campaigns in any social mass media.