Mind the Bridge is a global organization bridging the world through entrepreneurship education for startups, enterprises and investors to succeed in global markets. Based in Silicon Valley, with offices in San Francisco, London and Pavia, Italy, the Foundation was established in 2007 by former Googler, Marco Marinucci. Marinucci serves as the company’s CEO with Italian university Professor Alberto Onetti as its chairman. We believe there is societal value in embracing the principles of entrepreneurship as a key accelerator of economies. An international organization with its founding roots in Italy, we understand entrepreneurship education must address cultural differences as well as business models of success. Our goal is to foster a sustainable, global entrepreneurial ecosystem, spur innovative ideas, and create a new generation of entrepreneurs and success stories. Our educational programs provide participants with direct exposure to the most experienced, entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world — Silicon Valley.

Value Proposition

  • [2007] Founded as a side project by ex Googler  Marco Marinucci, MTB initially focused on developing Italy’s (Marco’s home country) startup ecosystem, building bridges with Silicon Valley.
  • [2008] Marco brings on board a top notch Board of Directors  and Alberto Onetti, an Italian university professor with an in-depth startup experience and knowledge of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, as its Chairman.
  • [2008-2012] In 5 years MTB supports hundreds of startups, runs an incubator in San Francisco and a startup school that graduates 50+ entrepreneurs per year, organizes tens of events attended by thousands. The graduates of its incubator, selected and supported by a large number of investors and serial entrepreneurs, increasingly make strides: acquisitions (2), prize winners (Le Web, Web Summit, P&P), raising funding (an average of $1M in 2012). In 2012 Marco quits Google to work full time on MTB and raises a seed investment fund (Mind the Seed).
  • [2013] Since 2013 Mind the Bridge starts operating in other countries, becoming the bridge to Silicon Valley for international founders.