WELCOME Matchmaking Events are a series of same-format events designed to generate networking opportunities between more advanced startups, investors and corporate partners. These events are organized as speed-dating sessions – with different setups according to given conditions – within larger events. The goal is to “market” the event as a valuable add-on to larger conferences, which usually lack a true “matchmaking” service to improve networking quality. Startups are matched following a scouting activity and cross-analysis to be made in close collaboration with investors and corporate partners, which express their needs and interests.


Selected startups participate to a speed-dating activity, where they engage matching investors and corporates during 10-15min qualified meetings. The goal is not to generate an investment opportunity in 10 minutes. On the other hand, startups have to enchant their counterpart to the point of getting a second meeting.

Value Generated

The organization of a successful Welcome Matchmaking Event generates value for several parties involved. The more all feel involved in a smooth process, the more the benefits.

  • Investors: validated dealflow during large events, pre-screening service (scouting + assessment), less waste of time, more efficient use of their resources;
  • Corporates: trasparent, simple close contact with startups; knowledge and innovation spill-over; validated dealflow during large events;
  • Startups: qualified networking opportunities, pitch/business model “real life” validation, increased perceived value of larger events;
  • Organizing Staff: visibility and credibility upgrade with startups/investors/corporates, increased influx of individuals potentially interested in each partner’s activities.

2016 Tentative Programme (TBD)

  • Milan Ecosystem: “Mini SES”, Milan, May 2016;
  • Berlin Ecosystem: “People in Beta Festival”, Berlin, August 2016;
  • Salamanca-Madrid Ecosystem: “Startup Olé 2016”, Salamanca, September 2016;
  • Dublin Ecosystem: “Dublin Tech Summit”, Dublin, November 2016.
Matchmaking in People in Beta event (Berlin, August 2015)

How to apply?