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ETVENTURE is a digital business builder and investor. The company partners with investors and corporations to transform innovation strategies into new digital products and startups. In the last two years, ETVENTURE invested more than EUR 5m in new technology startups and has built and successfully launched more than 25 technology businesses.

Since ETVENTURE was founded in 2010, the company has been growing rapidly. Today it employs more than 40 specialists in Germany and has direct access to over 60 dedicated resources from adjacent ETVENTURE companies and partners, giving ETVENTURE an extensive networking leverage and a high flexibility to scale its business processes. Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Hamburg, Munich and Zurich, ETVENTURE focuses on digital investments and business building in two areas:

Value Proposition

  • Startup Innovations: Every year ETVENTURE sets up its own investment vehicle (seven-digit volume) that allows investors to participate in ETVENTURE’s company building methodology by investing in specific ideas and startups. For this purpose, ETVENTURE has established the necessary infrastructure to be able to invest in and execute multiple business ideas in form of prototypes and operating companies. This infrastructure is flexible and scalable.
  • Corporate Innovations: Leveraging its flexible and scalable infrastructure, ETVENTURE also makes its services accessible to corporates and allows them to use its structured investment, creation, development and testing processes. In close partnerships with selected corporations, ETVENTURE implements structured investment and business building vehicles to prototype new ideas and transform them into new businesses.



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