‘Emprende Salamanca’- 9 great startup sessions run by our partner BISITE!


Throughout October, November and December, BISITE accelerator, one of WELCOME project’s partners held a series of events “Emprende de Salamanca” for startups in Salamanca.

This was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and young startups in Salamanca to listen to other successful startups, meet new people and exchange ideas. The sessions were “for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs”, as all speakers were experienced in the startup world and had lots of real life advice to offer!

The sessions covered every aspect of entrepreneurial life, from pitching to looking for mentors:

13 Oct – Ideas Analysis
Speaker: Jesús Lozano (Silicon Seeds)



Jesus Lozano, Silicon Seeds Advisor, gave his professional experience as founder and as an investor over 10 years in startups and web companies.

He gave a tough account on what you need to sacrifice in order to succeed in the startup world, insisting that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and especially not for the unprepared.

20 Oct- Product development and design
Speaker: Rubén Sanchez (BeOnPrice)


Rubén is from BeOnPrice, a successful startup that has won among other things, a Startup Europe Award. He gave his experience on how to find opportunities in economic crises and the value of having a very clear objective. He shared his experience of building a business, focusing on forming a team and designing a successful product.

26 Oct- Entrepreneurship Hubs
Adrián Ferrero (BIOME Makers)


Adrián Ferrero (Co-Founder at BIOME Makers) shared his entrepreneurship experience, building 4 startups with a mix of successes and failures. He spoke about how accelerators can help, critical decision making, sharing your idea, team, finding market fit, staying positive and defending your market share.

27 Oct– Sales and Digital Marketing
Speaker: Javier Arias (Diconsul)

session-3Javier Arias (Partner at Diconsul) focused on the differences between sales and digital marketing. On sales strategies he gave most of the focus to the human/emotional factor. On digital marketing, he went into some detail on the most popular channels and what audience they’re suited for.

03 Nov- Strategy – beyond Product/Service
Speaker: Felix Velasco (Wembley Studios)


Felix is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Wembley Studios. He explained that while obtaining revenue and investment is important, topics such as payment times, team dynamics, relations with suppliers and clients are more essential to sustainability.

10 Nov- Online advertising and Digital Intelligence
Speaker: Pablo Rodriguéz & Javier Parra (Súmate)


Pablo Rodríguez and Javier Parra from Súmate Marketing Online spoke about the most important factors to have online impact with potential clients: optimizing webpages as well as unique content. Javier spoke about the volume and value of data that we generate today, and how to exploit this opportunity.

11 Nov- Searching for Mentors and Marketing team
Speaker: René de Jong (Angel Investor)


René de Jong, investor, spoke about what to expect from a mentor, and importantly, how to find one. Then the entrepreneurship culture of Salamanca was discussed and what must be done to foster it.

17 Nov- Following a startup through its first months
Speaker: Javier Ayuso (CUBE Ventures)


Javier Ayuso of CUBE Ventures gave a session on an important part of entrepreneurship: finances and team management. Participants were given a lot of information on the first months of a startup and even some homework to help them put this into practice!

24 Nov- How to get investment
Speaker: Emilio Galán (BeOnPrice)


Emilio Galán, CTO of BeOnPrice, took the stage in the 2nd edition on the process of obtaining funding and valuing your startup.

25 Nov- Mentoring networking
Speaker: 8 mentors


A mentoring session was organised to facilitate networking between available mentors and prospective startups. 8 mentors joined 11 startups and networked to find the right match:

  • Javier Parra – Súmate
  • Pablo Rodríguez – Súmate
  • Cesar Lopez -SECOT
  • David Gomez – Rookiebox
  • Saúl Hernández – Grupo IDIMAD
  • Richard Dighero – Brite Shoes
  • Antonio Miguel – SECOT Salamanca
  • Soraya García – SG CURSOS

01 Dec– Pitching – Salamanca Investors Club
Speaker: Startups in Salamanca

7 top new startups in Salamanca pitched their business idea in 3 minutes, with another 2 minutes for questions:

  • Kiss your frog
  • Epitafio
  • TourSnapp
  • deMibu
  • Proyecto de singles
  • Bimarea.es


The winner of the pitching was TourSnapp! This means that they get to pitch at Startup Olé and gain even more visibility for their young business.

That’s it folks!

Thank you to everyone who took part and if you’d like to check out more on the events, you can see more info on the Bisite Facebook page.



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