In April 2016, sixteen of Europe’s top early stage startups from the 5 WELCOME ecosystems gathered in Dublin for a 1 week immersion programme called Cross Border Mentorship.

The week took place at the DCU Ryan Academy in Citywest in Dublin and the sixteen startups came from Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca.

Eight were in the travel tech sector and eight had hardware products.

Over the course of the week they met with mentors, corporates, speakers, trainers and experts from various fields. The aim of the week was to accelerate the growth of these companies and to expand their network of connections.

Corporates in attendance included Intel, Tripadvisor, Datalex, Mastercard, Cartrawler and Hostelworldwho provided strategic development advice to sixteen start-ups from the travel and hardware tech sector.

Activities during Cross Border Mentorship Week included:

  • Pitching to Italian VC, GianlucaDettori
  • Talks from prominent corporates & entrepreneurs including Declan Ryan, Ryanair; Bobby Healy, CarTrawler; Jack Phelan, Drop; John McQuillan, OpenJaw
  • One-to-one mentoring from corporates including Tripadvisor, Datalex, Mastercard and Hostelworld
  • Pitching to mentoring panels comprised of corporates, entrepreneurs and key players in Dublin’s startup ecosystem
  • Product design workshops & mentoring from Dolmen Creative Design
  • Workshops and training in areas including marketing, financials and manufacturing
  • Factory tour of Intel and meeting with senior Intel executives

Here’s what some of the companies had to say about the week:

Waynaut – “A very useful week for Entrepreneurial companies with great advice given by all the Mentors and Speakers. A great opportunity to review and rethink your business from a 360 degrees perspective including advice on the Pitch, Marketing, Finance and Operations”

Miito – “The Cross Border Mentorship Week in Dublin allowed us to spend one entire week away from the daily work and focus entirely on structuring our company and rethinking the pitch. The quality of the speakers during the classes was excellent and helped me improve various aspects of the company, from marketing to investor relations and company culture. And it was great to meet other European startups as we all share similar problems. The week itself was perfectly organized – a real pleasure to attend! “


Startups taking part in the week are:



SimpliFly is a global airport shopping smartphone app and delivery service backed by Google, Intelligentsia Ventures, Enterprise Ireland, leading angel investors and more.

Location: Dublin
Founder: Hongbo Sun


Dynamic Res makes Travel Agents more efficient by intelligently orchestrating requests. The results are processed and displayed on single screen where a Dynamic Package can be built in a fraction of the time.

Location: Dublin
Founder: Darren Cantwell


Waynaut is a Multimodal Travel platform that enables people worldwide to travel seamlessly, by combining every means of transport into optimal and purchasable itineraries for travelers.



BidToTrip entices customers to access luxury hotels at an affordable price through a bidding mechanism but keep the rest of subscribers engaged through access to instant deals.

Location: Milan
Founder: Sara Brunelli


LandMeFar, the first travel outlet exclusively for young people, offers a distribution channel for the surplus stock of airlines, hotels and other companies from the travel sector which has difficulty accessing the youth segment (Millennials).

Location: Madrid
Founder: Francisco Tavira


TourSnapp, spontaneous city discovery, brings the Smart-City to Cultural Tourism. By partnering with local tourism institutions, tourists are guaranteed never to miss a thing.

Location: Berlin
Founder: Luis Fernando Robledano Esteban


seeusoon is the first travel search engine that automatically builds and compares unique travel packages. The company works with an inventory of 700 airlines, 230 travel agents, 257,000 Hotels & Hostels and 30,000 short term rentals.

Location: Berlin (with registered Irish office)
Founder: Alfonso García-Valdecasas


VisitorM works with airports to improve passenger experience by automating real-time feedback and turning it into an operational performance management tool to help airports intervene quickly when things go wrong with their service delivery.

Location: Dublin
Alex Schregardus



Noon is a pioneering mobile communication and information technology company, providing an open digital environment, capable of managing and controlling dedicated hybrid mobile devices. Noon customers include carers, private medical institutions, insurance companies, nursery schools and care-homes.

Location: Milan
Founder: Adam Cavallari


DaniRebollo harnesses the power of EmbeddedGPU as the best solution to use touch screens with haptics and high-resolution monitors with a low end microcontroller like Arduino or other embedded device, thus allowing quick prototype and cost effective final designs.

Location: Madrid
Founder: Daniel Rebollo


ExerWise is a water-resistant wristband that acts as an activity tracker for children. The goal is to help kids discover new and fun approaches to physical activity.

Location: Dublin
Founders: Nicola O’Sullivan and Laura Hanlon


IMPRIMAKER is an online 3D design and manufacturing service that lets costumers create and produce their personalized technological gadgets. We aim to become one of the first companies worldwide providing a new generation of 3D printed objects with electronics capabilities.

Location: Madrid
Founder: Ana Abril


OrionSky monitors the status of your pet from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The main product is a cloud pet feeder which allows you to feed your pet remotely, monitor how much food is left, receive alerts and connect to it through a camera.

Location: Madrid
Founder: Ana Lopez de Silanes


MIITO provides tea-drinkers with a simple solution to brew their perfect cup of loose tea with the precise induction kettle and with a range of accessories and teas.

Location: Berlin
Founder: Jasmina Grase


VaiKai make toys alive. It is a unique, interactive, multi-sensory experience that helps raise better kids in our connected world. No screens required. We work closely with families, development specialists and play designers.

Location: Berlin
Founder: Matas Petrikas


4storm aims to move beyond the field of action cam and Lifestyle hi-tech products by bringing high end concepts of usability, flexibility and design into the market. The product’s value added will be the expandable and upgradeable modular platform of sensors for the world of action sport, outdoor activities, and much more.

Location: Milan
Founder: Marco Ciccolini