Artelnics is a company based in Salamanca that makes innovative software for intelligent data analysis. The startup is made up of exceptional researchers and software engineers with great experience in the successful application of artificial intelligence to a wide range of industries. One of the main characteristics of the predictive analytics sector is its international character.

Artelnics was interested in participating in Startup Ole as it is the best entrepreneurship event in Salamanca with dozens of international speakers.

Being an SME Instrument company, Artelnics took the opportunity to be showcased by EASME, enjoying the startup fair and interacting directly with relevant investors, corporates and media.

The leads made in Startup Ole directly led to Artelnics partnering with companies seeking its particular expertise.

SERGIO SÁNCHEZ JORGE, responsible for Sales & Marketing, reports “Startup Ole allowed us to show up our company as a major player in the tech community, do networking and look for investors. We organized face-to-face meetings with prospective clients and showed them directly how our company could help.”

Artelnics participated in: Europass (Tech Open Air’16 & Pioneers’16)